About Ajit


My name is Ajit Nathaniel.

I’m a researcher, investigator, writer, and investor based in India. I started my journey in self awareness in 2005 when my therapist introduced me to the concept of the Locus of Control. In subsequent years, I studied Transactional Analysis and cognitive errors to understand the patterns that were holding me from contentment and fulfillment. As my study deepened, I became increasingly excited in the infinite possibilities that a change in perspective holds.

My big personal breakthrough came in 2010, when a friend introduced me to Mindfulness meditation. Mindfulness took my self awareness to a whole new level and helped identify and neutralize adverse patterns on a weekly basis. Understanding the Locus of Control, Growth Mindset, and Transactional Analysis has empowered and emboldened me to make unconventional professional and personal decisions that have enriched my life tremendously. I have also been able to overcome career setbacks (global financial crisis anyone?) and private adversity by applying simple mental models.

Since 2015 I have been helping people apply the principles of Transactional Analysis and Self Awareness to detect and eliminate cognitive errors and self sabotage.