I offer bespoke one-on-one consulting services in the following areas.

Career Changes:

  • Breaking out of a dead-end career
  • Reinventing yourself professionally after a career setback such as retrenchment or extended unemployment
  • Discovering purpose: choosing a vocation that gives you joy
  •  Choosing your first job with a view to the future (for college students)

Life Skills:

  • Increasing self confidence
  • Enhancing self esteem
  • Shifting your Locus of Control to choose your destiny
  • Social communication: improve your experiences in socializing, interacting with people in a non-work environment
  • Dealing with disappointment

Public Speaking:

Reach out if you would like to engage me as a speaker for an event aimed at personal development. I am willing to speak for no fee at schools and degree colleges. Please contact me for pricing for corporate events.

If you have a specific life or career-related conundrum that I have not covered above, let’s have a chat and see if we can work together!