The Process

I am committed to delivering results and setting you on to an independent journey of self-exploration and self-improvement. My process is designed for you to achieve clearly defined goals and embark on a path to self-discovery in a maximum of 10 sessions .

  • In our first discussion, I will look at the problem that you want to solve. I will also be evaluating your Coachability – your willingness to change and take responsibility for your transformation.
  • In our second discussion, about a week after the first, I will discuss the plan that I have for you and the exercises that you need to complete; and give you an idea of the time that you will need to allocate to your goal. We will also agree on Key Performance Indicators which will decide success or failure.
  • We will then put our plan in action, and will follow through on our scheduled discussions.
  • At the end of the plan period, we will take stock of our progress, identify successes and failures, and build a growth vision that will align your actions to you ambitions.